iGrade for Psych App Reviews

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Doesn't work with iPad Pro!

I just got the app and it turns off immediately when I try to open it. :-(

Rip off

Give me back my money!!! Don't work!!!!!


Every time I try to add clients it crashes. Tried to go to the developers website it isn't there.

Crashes constantly

This app is frustrating....constantly crashes....requesting a refund...

Well done app

Very clean looking app with lots of options to customize. Would like to see a section where I can write handwritten notes inside notes section as its awkward to type on an iPad while in session with a client. Over all its definately a useful app

A good idea but...

I thought this app would be good of documenting my client information. I ended up downloading 2 versions for which I am sure I did not do because it downloaded the regular iGrade and the one for Psych is formated mor for classroom work and there is no access to any evaluations or any format for notes etc. A waste of my $4.99(x2)

Not adequate

Looking for something to keep client database and write notes. Totally inadequate.

Efficient tool

This user friendly designed app works perfect for me, it makes my work more efficient and fast.

easy work

You have made an amazing app, contacting my clients has never been this easy.

I love iGrade for psych!

Thumbs up!!! I can create my own groups customized icons, very thoughtful!

so perfect!

Perfect app for psych. With the help from this app, my work is easier and my clients are happier.


I have been using this app for weeks, my favorite feature is that I can filter on any period of time or category to get the information that I need. Really useful.


I'm very impressed by this app, truly great.

try it and see if you like it

iGrade for psych is a powerful tool that I use daily. I can email my clients at a time so no more searching for email addresses now, all my work can be done on iPad.

Like it

I can have the pictures and video recording, that's a really powerful tool for psychologists like me.


I have this app installed on my iPad and all my clients information are right in it. It's really convenient for me to search specific cases. I love it.

powerful and helpful

The best app for psychologists that I've ever seen, thank you for making a nice version for psychologists like me, these powerful features are really helpful.


As a psychologist, knowing the details of every patient is very crucial to my job and this app has been a great help in the past few weeks. I really appreciate the hard work by this developer.

Good Patient Log Book

This App works well to store all the basic patients information and has some nice features unavailable on a traditional computer.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for dedicating an App to Psychologists, this is really helping my day to day in 2 ways, keeping detailed evaluations results of my patients and having the information always readily available.

My new patients data base

This App has actually made quite a big difference for me, I am really tracking my patients progress results in details and I always have all the information handy. It makes it really easy for the reporting...

Definitely Helping!

My new best friend! I love that it makes me so organized and up to speed. A quick look and and I up to date on all the information for each client. I feel more educated and personable. Give me some PDF reports and I will give it a 5 stars

Great App

This new version is greatly improved, plenty of features and a slick interface. The export is easy and then I am able to manipulate, print, share the data… Real nice.

Wow Great Upgrade from the old Version

I have been using the old version for about a year now and this is a giant step for my daily routine! The App is much more "Professional Grade" and it flows really well. This is going to make my day much more enjoyable…

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